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“So many broken children living in grown bodies mimicking adult lives.”  ― Unknown

If you’re on this site, I’m confident you know someone like this. It may even be you. It certainly was me.

As an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, my brokeness had resulted in a myriad of poor choices:

>   anorexia

>   promiscuity

>   exotic dancing

>   alcohol

>   drugs

>   suicide attempts

It’s taken years for me to realize all of that came from the pain, guilt and shame of what others did to me. So, I’m transparent and sharing this with you now because there are far too many of us making these same choices, mimicking adult lives

Please spend a few moments perusing the site and its projects. There are a number of ways you can help.


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes


A promising start. A heart-wrenching detour. A chance for redemption.

“Elona’s candid and captivating glance into her life as an educated girl to a stripper woman is a story that needs to be told. Every woman who has lived for any amount of time has found herself in Elona’s shoes at some point or another — be it financially, mentally or physically. I am sure the words within these pages will resonate with thousands. This book provides readers with the hope for a bright future regardless of how dim their past may be and it also shows us just how closely we are all connected. Elona’s story is surely a life lesson well learned.”

“I absolutely loved this book. This author crushes the stigma of strippers with her own life experiences and of other women she worked with in the club. Strippers are treated like objects and are often identified as not the smartest people in the world, but this book flips the script but showing just how many lessons can be learned in this environment. Lesson number 5 “Sex solves nothing” was a home hitter for me and as I read I was thinking yes, tell it lol. This is a quick read and a book you’re surely like. I don’t personally know the author but I’m proud of her for writing this and I hope this book reaches the eyes of many who really need it.”

“I love anything that is real, vulnerable & authentic! Your book was all of that! Your book gives people permission to own their story, rethink their decisions AND live in their purpose! We have heard that wounds can’t totally heal covered up; you uncovered your wound and the story your scar tells is beautiful!!!”


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